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* spicy
Dry Tofu and Hot Pepper       Detail 8.99
Jian Jiao Da Chang       Detail 13.99
Kung Pao Chicken       Detail 10.99
Marinated Pork Bone       Detail 12.99
Minced Pork Meatball       Detail 13.99
Mu Shu Pork Beijing Style       Detail 10.99
Pork and Sour Cabbage       Detail 12.99
Red Braised Pork       Detail 15.99
Sour Cabbage with Noodle       Detail 8.99
Spiced Chicken Bones       Detail 9.99
Suan Cai Da Chang       Detail 12.99
Three Delight       Detail 9.99
U & Me Casserole       Detail 25.99